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Does Automotive Tint Really Reduce Heat Inside The Car?

A recent post on Verify This online asked the question does automotive tint really reduce the heat inside your car.

They start the article by saying “Every car owner knows a hot day can feel even worse when you climb into a car that’s been sitting outside. Interior car temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees after just an hour of sitting in the summer heat. People try all kinds of things to keep their cars a little cooler while they’re out in the sun, including adding extra tinting to their car’s windows. Dark windows may increase your privacy, but do they actually cool the interior too?”

The article shares a video that helps to answer this question.

The article goes on to state that “For decades, studies have found tinted windows can help reduce a car’s internal temperature by at least a few degrees. The studies have shown that you don’t have to tint all of your windows to see a decline in your car’s interior temperature.”

With the Summer heat arriving, we wanted to share this and we hope you found this information about how automotive window tint reduces heat inside your car helpful. We offer free quotes for adding window tint to your particular vehicle and can discuss the various types of tint available and their heat reducing capability.

If you have questions about our window tinting services, contact us by calling (808) 333-5733. We are your premier source for automotive tint in the Kailua Kona, HI area.

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